Saving Money and Finding Financial Stability This Chinese New Year

When the smoke clears and the dust settles down as everything goes back to normal after the lavish, loud, colourful and extravagant Chinese New Year celebrations, people often find themselves with gaping holes in their wallets and bank account because it has been bled dry by all of their unnecessary expenditures. In order to please their friends, impress their neighbours and keep up appearances with their peers and other acquaintances, a lot of people have spent a ton of money on fireworks that light up the night sky, expensive drinks that gets them in a state of inebriation as well as parties that cost an arm and a leg.
                And that is the reason why this Chinese New Year, they should tighten their purse strings, cut back on their unnecessary expenditures and be wiser with how they spend and use their hard-earned money because they never know what is in store for them in the near future and they should always prepare for the rainy days that are looming ahead. Instead of splurging on shopping sprees in their favourite shops as they spend a lion’s share of their earnings on designer’s clothes, expensive jewellery and overpriced gadgets every payday, they should buy vintage handbags in Singapore and save a lion’s share of their monthly earnings in their bank accounts so that they can be financially emancipated in the golden years of their life. After all, they do not really need too much material stuff and earthly possessions because what they really want is security and assurance of the rest of their life.
                Aside from buying luxury pre owned bags from reputable sellers as they hunt down great deals and irresistible bargains by scouring the finest vintage shop in Singapore while they are on vacation in Southeast Asia with their friends and family, people should also look for practical and effective ways to lower their expenses considerably when they get back home. First of all, instead of riding around town and rolling down the street in gas guzzling hot rods and sports cars that consume too much petrol, they should invest in hybrid cars from the makers of Tesla and other electric smart cars because this will surely lessen their carbon footprint for sure. And as much as they can, they should carpool with their friends, colleagues and neighbours and if they are not going very far, they can just walk or ride their bikes because it is good for their health and the environment as well.
                Speaking of health and the environment, they can also save a lot of money if they forego their cravings for unhealthy snacks and junk food because eating in expensive restaurants and fast food chains as well as drinking novelty coffee blends can really drum up their monthly expenses. Eating fruits and vegetables as well as cooking their own meals in the warmth and comfort of their own kitchens will surely help them become more physically fit this Chinese New Year and will also benefit the environment because they are not contributing to the greenhouse effect aggravated by massive companies and international conglomerates that produce so much garbage every day.

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